The Four Personality Types

Here are brief descriptions of the four personality types.  Most people have two stronger styles and two weaker styles.  Can you find yours?

The Comfort Type.

           You know you’re a Comfort person if being comfortable in every way, (physically, emotionally, intellectually, and socially), is your top priority.  So, you sleep, watch TV, go to the movies, shop, eat, sit in the hot tub, drink, and visit the spa as often as you can.  You want that relaxed, feel-good feeling as often as you can get it.

           Some Positives:  You’re charming, appealing and usually easy-going. You can be bubbly or laid-back.  You’re spontaneous and fun-loving.  You’re friendly and predictable.  You mind your own business and don’t make demands on others.  You’re usually diplomatic.  These are great qualities and you can make them pay off for you. 

           Some Negatives:  You avoid expectations or responsibilities.  They create stress and pressure, both of which interfere with your need for comfort.  You’re often bored or impatient with other people. You may not be reliable with time or money.  You probably don’t set goals because you think of goals as work and work is uncomfortable. 

The Pleasing Type.

           You know you’re a Pleasing person if you’re happiest when you’re making others happy by taking care of them.  Because connection is so important to you, you supply what others need. You’re likely to volunteer because you’re extra-responsible in all areas of your life.  You can’t disappoint anyone.   

           Some Positives.  You’re friendly; you like people.  You’re respectful, considerate and sympathetic.  You take care of other’s physical, emotional, intellectual, social and sometimes, financial needs, too.  You’re cooperative and flexible.  You’re probably a jack-of-all-trades, too, because you’ll learn just about anything you need to, to give people what they want.  Connecting with other people is your deepest need.  Others refer to you as “nice.”

           Some Negatives.  Talented or not, nice or not, your versatility isn’t benefiting you.  You’re too busy focusing on others.  You may not even know what you need or want, because you don’t have time to think about it.  And, if you have figured it out, you probably feel guilty and selfish for thinking about it.  

The Control Type.  

           You know you’re a Control personality if you like others to agree with you.  Seeking agreement seems like a waste of time; giving instructions and having others follow them is more efficient.  For you, issues are usually black or white and, since you think you’re always right, discussion isn’t usually necessary.       

           Some Positives.  You like structure and organization.  You like competition; you like to win.  You’re assertive.  You’re usually very good at observing what’s going on around you.  You’re law-abiding; you follow rules.  You’re productive.  You’re often in a leadership or management role because you like to get things done and often are good at getting others to do it.

           Some Negatives.  You’re not flexible; you like your circumstances to remain constant.  You don’t like change or even surprises.

           If you’re a Control person, you use your behavior to:  (1) control yourself, or (2) control the situation you’re in, or (3) control others.  You can control in one of these ways or, sometimes, in all three ways or in any combination of them.

  1. Control Over Self.  If you’re this type, you don’t share your feelings or thoughts, even if you know them.  You are often silent in relationship as well as passive, rather than active.
  2. Control Over Situations.  If you’re controlling a situation, you structure the whole thing. 
  3. Control Over Others.  If you’re controlling others, you tell them what to do. 

The Superiority Type.

           You know you’re a Superiority Type if you love setting goals.  You think about what you want to do not only tomorrow, but also, in six months and in five years.  You start many new things.  You also love information, in almost all forms, but mostly nonfiction reading and “talk” radio and TV, such as news, financial, history, and science programs.

           Some Positives.  You’re good at setting goals and moving forward.  Your type is often visionary.  You see where a family or a corporation needs to be in the future.  You use your love of information to accomplish not only your own goals, but also, to teach others and to help solve problems by sharing information in all kinds of situations.  Because achieving is so exciting for you, you’re always busy.

           Some Negatives.  You’re ALWAYS intensely busy doing something.  You don’t know how to relax and you probably don’t want to learn.  Even when your body is resting, your mind is working.  You not only have a daily “to do” list; that list has lists.  Unfortunately, because of this busyness, you may jeopardize your relationships.  This happens usually because your daily rhythm is very different from those you live and work with. 


           Don’t be concerned if you can’t decide which type you are.  The e-book has tons more information in it, and don’t forget the personality quiz.  All of it will be really helpful.

Warmest Wishes,

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